Beverly began her drag career in March 1992 with her trademark two male dancers and quickly established herself as one of the most popular personality/acts in Western Sydney. She’s a multi award winning Drag Queen, having been awarded Acon Community Service Award 1998, World Aids Day Partnership Award 1999 and is a three time Diva Awards winner ”Queen of Hearts 1999”. Beverly was honoured to be the only drag queen in western Sydney to be invited to be part of the Sydney 2000 Olympic closing ceremony and has been lucky enough to be involved in a few Mardi Gras shows and ”Outstanding Achievement in Media 2007” And Diva Awards winner ”Queen of Hearts 2013” She has also been nominated 9 times for a Diva Award for her charity work and has been nominated for an Honour Award  in 2011  for ” Media/Arts/Entertainment ”.  In 2007 Beverly was asked to contribute to a community columns for the Sydney Star Observer promoting awareness for events in Western Sydney, Beverly was the producer for “Queer Out West 89.3fm” on every Monday night for 15 years providing a voice for the LGBT community of Western Sydney  between December 2001  & December 2016… Beverly decided to step back and give other people the opportunity to get involved but continues to do community radio every fortnight on a new program called Queer Radio Sydney  in 2017.  Beverly  will be back on the radio from the 01st April 2018  with  a new program Pride Radio 89.3fm on Sunday 6pm to 8pm until 24th February 2019, She’s having a break in 2020 but when one door closes another will open ?

Beverly decided in October 2013 to go into semi retirement after doing drag for 21 years.  In 2017 Beverly celebrate 25 years of Drag and running social events like ” Orana , Castaways , Diamonds & Pearls , The Pollys Club , Kaleidoscope & Heaven Social Dances and fundraising  in Western Sydney and has contributed to raising over $30,000 for charities like Acon & The  Western Suburbs Haven and providing a safe place for the LGBTQ community in Western Sydney.  Beverly is the Founder/Co-ordinator of  Heaven Social Dance and was asked to continue promoting events in western Sydney by Guide To Gay in 2012 with  a monthly online column/blog on  Guide To Gay Dot Com between May 2013 to March 2019 to promoting events in Western Sydney. Beverly continues  to be out and about at most LGBT event in western Sydney promoting and supporting the gay community. 

Beverly Buttercup Is The Founder of  Heaven L.G.B.T.Q Social Dance That Has Raised Well Over $30,712.10 For Charity Since First Starting In 2007  & Kaleidoscope Social Dance Did Also Raised $7,863 In Its 4 Years Of Running = THAT’S A TOTAL OF $ 38,575.10 (As Of June 2019)

For More Information Contact: Beverly 0433 232 425

Address: P.O.Box 31 Glenfield N.S.W 2167

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